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September 15th – September 21st

15 Sep

Money: Trust your instincts with anything money related this week, as long as opportunities are in your best interests and allow you to expand horizons.

Sex: Focus on the energy of your opposite sign Libra when it comes to love. Argument and conflict can be avoided if you are willing to give and take.

Power: With Pluto moving forward on the 20th you should be more aware of how you can be your own worst enemy and allow negative people and situations into your life. Now is the time to move in a more positive direction.

Money: Negotiation will take you further than trying to force your opinion and needs onto others. You’ll find that in the long-term you will get what you want one step at a time.

Sex: Honesty is the best policy with your partner even though it may seem hard to bear your Soul and true desires. The outcome will be more favorable than you think.

Power: As you endeavor to make changes in your life make sure that the direction you wish to move towards is for the better and not a situation of going “out of the frying pan into the fire.”

Money: Be sure to keep on top of paying your bills on time and good credit to the best of your ability, after all, you’re in a very positive financial cycle if you can remain focused and aware.

Sex: The more harmony and balance you have with Self the more successful your personal relationships will be.

Power: You may experience disappointment with certain individuals not following through with promises and commitments, however, look at it from a different perspective. Perhaps there’s someone better with greater integrity waiting to step forward to help and support you and your objectives.

Money: You may want to give careful consideration to the direction you’ve been moving towards when it comes to making money. Some changes need to be made but it may require a leap of faith to embark upon a completely new path.

Sex: Avoid getting caught up in manipulation or “games” that in the end serve no purpose but to cause more disruption, conflict and negativity between you and your partner.

Power: It’s definitely time to expand in a new direction that allows you to use more of your artistic talents. There are many new doors of opportunity waiting to open if you have the courage to step through them.

Money: This is a good week to enter into prosperous business deals to negotiate what you want and deserve. At the same time, differences and disagreements connected to finance need to be resolved so you can move forward.

Sex: Passion will be at an all time high this week. Just make sure that your partner is on the same wavelength otherwise it could be awkward.

Power: Sharing of personal resources can be very fulfilling, however, it’s not always that you’ll receive something in return right away, which shouldn’t stop you from reaching out this week to help someone in need.

Money: The support you need to improve finances is there, you just have to embrace it and not second-guess. At the same time, dressing for success will definitely make the right impression with the right people, in fact this is an important key to your prosperity.

Sex: Personal relationships can often experience highs and lows for various reasons. When the “low” cycle hits, it’s because something needs to change within either individuals or just one. In this case, you should consider changing the way you deal with and interact with others, it’ll bring you closer to your loved one.

Power: You’ll feel more powerful and more equipped to deal with daily stresses if you can focus attention internally from a perspective of Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

Money: Keep important financial negotiations and opportunities to yourself, at least until you’re sure they’re going to manifest, there are those who may have jealousy towards your good fortune and send you bad vibes.

Sex: You may have a secret admirer however you or the other person may not be fully available, in which case don’t pursue until things change.

Power: Trust your instincts and exercise discernment this week especially when it comes to signing documents of any kind. Not every one is as honest or forthright as you so be on the lookout for people trying to mislead you in some way.

Money: You may have to try harder in order for your voice to be heard this week in which case realize it’s the only way to get your point across in the area of work. You may “ruffle a few feathers” but this is much needed if there’s going to be any significant positive change for the better when it comes to finances.

Sex: Dreaming of what could be but right now but can’t realistically happen, shouldn’t be your focus. Instead, deal with the reality of what you’re faced with in the area of love then things can start to improve.

Power: Organize tasks and responsibilities that need priority at this time. You need to start planning for the next few months ahead so that you don’t miss opportunities later this year.

Money: Old ways of making money aren’t going to create the increase you want. The unique ideas you have should be put at the top of your list of things to implement. Even though you feel hesitation to go in a different direction this is all the more reason to at least try to make your mark and be more in harmony with the direction the Universe wishes you to move towards.

Sex: Reach out to nurture your partner in the way you wish to be nurtured in turn. Sharing on a deeper level will bring much needed extra closeness to you both.

Power: Avoid getting caught up in doubt and paranoia that things won’t work out the way you envision. They will in time and on time.

Money: If you have to put pen to paper this week and don’t quite understand what you’re being asked to sign, it would be wise to go to the source and ask the necessary questions so you know exactly what to expect.

Sex: If you and your partner can share your “power” and love you’ll have what could be considered the “perfect relationship” in harmony with Natural Law.

Power: Be practical with your thinking and communication. You’ll need to be alert and aware when dealing with others on a daily basis.

Money: Certain fantasies you’ve had regarding making money will now come to an end as reality sets in and you have to deal with problems, difficulties and delays you’re faced with. This just means you have to re-evaluate and make some new decisions.

Sex: Relationships work best when each other serves the other person’s needs, otherwise, tension eventually creates separation.

Power: If you can develop a deeper and stronger relationship with Self that’s more in harmony with Natural Law you’ll feel powerful enough to “move mountains” and get things done that need to be a priority at this time.

Money: Try to be assertive in the direction you wish to go to make more money. If you’re going to work with others then you must all be on the same page for positive outcomes to fruition.

Sex: Unity through diversity should be your mantra when it comes to love. If you can agree to disagree, everything will run smoothly.

Power: You could experience disappointment in others not doing the right thing, however, this shouldn’t stop you from standing up for what you believe to be right as long as you apply clear thought before acting. Drive carefully and keep an eye on your possessions.

September 8th – September 14th

8 Sep

Money: Transformation of your finances would help to build a stronger foundation for your security in the future even though this is something you’d rather not think about now. Bear in mind that Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, bizarre and “explosive” situations, is in your sign until March 2019, a definite guarantee that by then your life is going to be very different from what it is at this time.

Sex: Do what you say and say what you mean should be your mantra this week. If you’re honest and forthright with your partner, future pitfalls and fallouts can and will be avoided.

Power: The ideas that you have are good and worth something but you need a better foundation that will support growth and success.

Money: In the area of joint financial partnerships there are changes that need to occur on a deep level that would empower you to be more of your own person and not rely so much on others for your prosperity.

Sex: Being on the right side of Natural Law is always the best policy especially in love. Therefore, make sure you’re not consciously or unconsciously undermining those close to you even if you think/feel it’s justified. The Universe never forgets so it would in your best interests to do some deep soul searching to gain understanding of your true motives and intent.

Power: Burning bridges for the better will be an empowering exhilarating experience if you have the courage to let go of people, situations, behavior and structures that no longer serve a positive purpose in your life.

Money: Your employment situation is going through a tremendous overhaul that to some degree is much needed, allowing you to become the person you always knew you were but never had the courage to be. With this transformation, finances will greatly improve.

Sex: There are times in personal relationships when compassion is needed and this is one of those times. Realize that not everyone has the capacity to “see” what you see or understand certain perceptions, therefore, their growth is much slower. If you can be a bit tolerant and patient it’s possible the object of your affection will have an epiphany and “wake up” to reality.

Power: Avoid wasting time and energy socializing with people who will only drain your energy and lead you off on a tangent. In your efforts to make new friends, be sure to choose with care and caution.

Money: Putting pen to paper is a talent you have yet to fully explore but you have many ideas and insights that often come across as mental confusion. If you were to put these ideas cohesively together you might be surprised to discover you actually have ability as a writer. How you choose to use this ability is entirely up to you, just trust your instincts to guide you.

Sex: Don’t allow your partner to criticize you in a way that puts you down but at the same time if the criticism is constructive then you should listen and use it as a means for self improvement.

Power: You can only begin to access the “power’ at your disposal if you stop being a martyr. You can’t be all things to all people and hope to achieve happiness and peace in your life.

Money: It would be in your best interests to listen to the wisdom of those who have your best interests at heart with regard to your growth, expansion and wealth overall. You may not like what you hear but realize there is a lot of truth in their guidance. Ultimately, you’ll be supported and be able to be on trend with what the public wants and needs.

Sex: This is one of those weeks where the love in your life will add to feelings of empowerment and knowingness that you’re on the right track.

Power: Don’t let problems in the home environment affect your ability to make right decisions that affect your foundation of life.

Money: Not everyone is as trustworthy as you’d like to believe which means you have to “read between the lines” when dealing with finances. If you sense something isn’t quite right, it probably isn’t and you should make sure you avoid getting caught up in other people’s dishonesty.

Sex: Don’t let lack of self-worth or feelings of inadequacy get in the way of love; if necessary, talk to your partner about your feelings so that they understand why you seem “out of sorts.” However, you need to do the work to change certain debilitating negative behavior patterns.

Power: Polishing the facets of your character is an ongoing effort but well worth it in terms of constantly moving forward with the Universe and your personal cycles of life. This is where your focus needs to be.

Money: As long as you continue to demonstrate your best ideas, gifts and talents the money will begin to start pouring in. Just be patient and keep doing what you’re doing, it’s the constant momentum and perseverance that will “win the day.”

Sex: Being independent in the context of your relationship is important in order for you get things done in your life that need to be accomplished.

Power: Regular meditation will keep you balanced, focused and empowered.

Money: Expansion of your horizons is the best thing to do in order for opportunities to come into your life. However, discernment is needed in your choice of who to bring into your life and who to keep at a distance.

Sex: Keep your emotions and feelings in check so that you avoid being perceived as needy or too dependent.

Power: Focus on working through certain weaknesses that block your ability to be the best you can possibly be.

Money: In your efforts to try hard to make this area of life better make sure you’re not “stepping on the toes” of others to the degree you make unnecessary “enemies.”

Sex: It’s time to consider what you want out of your relationship and what is your true desire for its outcome. This deep soul searching will provide you with much needed answers to the problems and difficulties you face even
if it’s not exactly what you want to hear.

Power: Dealing with reality and not fantasy will make it easier to sort through some of the obstacles you’re faced with and important issues that need to be resolved.

Money: There’s a danger of being swindled if you’re not paying attention or on top of things. Therefore, it’s important to be self-reliant, know how things work and need to be done without waiting or expecting others to do it for you. Expansion of finances, projects, plans and ideas is necessary but you have to be the Cause of the Affect.

Sex: Avoid sudden arguments and confrontations that need not happen. Caution and patience at this time will spare you later disappointments. Anything you have to say should be said with forethought and care.

Power: Change is in the air but won’t happen as quickly as you would like or expect, therefore, maintaining focus in the meantime is important. Meditation will help a great deal.

Money: Make sure your debts are balanced so that you don’t receive any unexpected surprises. Cycles of prosperity are on the horizon, just be patient a little longer.

Sex: Communication will ease tension in your love life especially if you’re able to convey from a deeper level your true feelings.

Power: Even though you experience tension in trying to improve your situation, don’t give up. Uniqueness in any area of life is rare and if focused on correctly can bring new inventions, ideas, discoveries and many wonderful things to the world, microcosm to macrocosm.

Money: The slow progression and growth of prosperity in your life can be tedious and sometimes overwhelming. However, take into consideration that when you take three steps forward and ones step back, these are moments for reflection and growth. Being in harmony with the Universe is important when it comes to achieving goals, so as long as you’re able to maintain this balance everything will fall into place accordingly.

Sex: Dependence on others and personal relationship is not a good recipe for long-term happiness. Therefore, consider being more of your own person as much as you can and having the inner strength and courage to use this understanding to build a firm foundation of personal and unified happiness.

Power: Any type of old structure in your life that no longer serves its purpose, especially in hopes and wishes should be restructured so its empowering and progressive enough to bring things to fruition.

KarmaStars Monthly: September 2013

31 Aug

Transformation is the focus for September as Pluto in Capricorn finally moves forward on the 21st after being retrograde since April 13th. During this cycle the issue of old structures in various areas of life that need to be removed would have been highlighted, in order to get rid of people situations and attitudes that no longer serve a worthwhile or positive purpose. In addition, Pluto is also known for sometimes revealing an undermining influence in and around ones life that can be extremely negative if not recognized and dealt with. Therefore, most likely, secret and open enemies will also be brought to the surface by the time Pluto is in forward motion.

Pluto cycles can be very liberating and uplifting if all the aforementioned things are observed and addressed. Pluto only becomes “negative” when cycles of change are not confronted or the realization that there are individuals who are just a bad debilitating influence in a person’s life. Change is never easy but necessary in order to be in harmony and motion with the Universe and Natural Law.

September 1st – September 7th

31 Aug

Money: The New Moon this week focuses on work and health as opportunities to improve both present themselves. Make sure that if you’re offered new employment, it serves you as much as the employer and doesn’t take a toll by adding extra stress or pay you less than you deserve.

Sex: Avoid arguments with your partner by focusing on “unity through diversity” instead of trying to be right and proving them wrong. Keep the peace.

Power: There’ll be people around you that need your help and support so don’t walk away because you feel imposed upon. Think of the “golden rule” and you’ll know that there are times when it’s necessary to be there for others in need.

Money: Creativity is the key to your financial prosperity for the future so be open to offers that highlight this side of yourself even if you feel the offer is out of your comfort zone, at least try.

Sex: This is the week to pay attention to the strength and vitality of love relationships in your life. If there’s anything you feel uncomfortable with you should confront it and not let things spiral into something worse. Ultimately each person’s need should be fulfilled.

Power: A lot will be happening in the home/family environment that could trigger feelings of realizing that you need to build a separate foundation of life through your own eyes.

Money: There’ll be plenty of opportunity to increase finances this week it’s just a case of exploring all options and making the right choices without causing you extra stress.

Sex: As long as you’re aware of your worth and value and continue to be an individual in the context of your relationship everything will run smoothly to your liking.

Power: Trust your instincts this week because you’ll be able to come up with many ideas alternatives and answers to existing problems that need to be resolved.

Money: Work in the health field on some level wouldn’t be a bad idea. It doesn’t have to involve med school but could be something alternative that you discover you have a gift and talent for once you get started.

Sex: No cause for concern this week as harmony is the main feature and focus between you and your partner.

Power: As long as you’re able to maintain a healthy level of self worth you’ll feel empowered to move forward with plans and objectives.

Money: From an economic perspective you have to make sure that you’re choices of employment are really what you want and not just choices to make other people happy. New opportunities are coming your way, so think carefully before saying yes.

Sex: A trip to somewhere nice outside of your familiar surroundings will provide a much-needed break and boost to you and your partner.

Power: Whatever you do or plan to do make sure it’s in harmony with Natural Law and doesn’t “threaten” other’s to react against you.

Money: Joint financial partnerships will run according to plan as long as everyone involved are on the “same page.” Trust your instincts.

Sex: Be careful of being caught up in the fantasy of love. You need to keep you feet firmly on the ground right now, as practical plans need to be made for the future.

Power: Your power lies in being focused on the issues at hand and exercising discernment in joint financial partnerships.

Money: Read all the details of any paperwork you have to sign this week making sure that if there’s something you don’t understand you go to the source directly for answers.

Sex: Be practical with your thoughts on personal relationships this week and don’t just take everything told to you on face value. Look deeper into what’s not being said that you need to know.

Power: Pay close attention to what is going on around you even to the degree of keeping a journal. The things that you come up with or “tune into” will have relevance later.

Money: Genius new ideas that help to resolve financial crises should not be ignored because they’re bizarre. Instead, recognize that the Universe is trying to help you in this area of life but you need to have a broader perspective when it comes to making money,

Sex: Your focus should be more on Self this week, “cleaning up” habit patterns that aren’t the most positive or supportive when it comes to love. You can’t expect others to change if you yourself on not working at self- improvement.

Power: Spend time giving careful thought to your life’s purpose and whether or not you’re fulfilling that goal in the right way.

Money: Perseverance is the key here. Regardless of how difficult things are and continue to be don’t give up. As long as you remember who you are, where you came from and where you’re going the outcome will be prosperous.

Sex: Love and personal relationships will be your strength and comfort this week.

Power: Listen to the wisdom of those you know you can trust and who have your best interests at heart. Fortunate change is on the horizon in the area of home and work, however it depends on your ability to make the right decisions at the right time.

Money: As long as you continue to expand horizons your ideas will “bear fruit.” Now is the time to start planning and mapping your way forward and upward and staying well informed so you’re moving with the Universe in the right direction.

Sex: Listen to the constructive advice of your loved one so that you can both work towards growth and strength individually and as a unified couple.

Power: You’re in a cycle of change form inside out. As long as you stay aware of this fact the positive will by far outshine any negativity you’ve had to deal with.

Money: This week reaching out to help others in need, on whatever level it occurs will have a positive affect on finances because you’re “giving” a portion of yourself to be of service to another. As the saying goes “another’s need is my command, my needs are already the command of the infinite.”

Sex: The warmth and affection of the person you love will be the thing you need the most throughout the week. Let them spoil you for once.

Power: Your instincts will serve you well to help you navigate your way through any difficult situation you’re faced with. Don’t doubt your inner voice.

Money: Anything that allows you to demonstrate your creative talents and/or use your charisma will open doors that have previously been closed. This applies on every level that you’re trying to make headway.

Sex: A kind note expressing your true thoughts and feelings will go a long way in forming a strong deep bond with your partner and object of your affections.

Power: You’ll be in a position from this week onwards to meet with people in power and authority that will be impressed with how you present yourself and what you have to say, motivating them to give you the help and support you need.

August 25th – August 31st

24 Aug

Money: This week it’s all about how you get your point across and convey your needs. If you’re not thoughtful before speaking you could end up alienating others and causing more conflict than harmony.

Sex: Nurturing isn’t your strong point, however, it would be appreciated by your partner if you were a little more attentive than usual.

Power: Giving some of your power away isn’t such a bad thing this week as long as the individuals in your midst have your best interests at heart. Your intuition will help you to discern their true intentions.

Money: Others will definitely have their own perceptions when it comes to discussing finances especially in the home/family environment. Instead of being quick to disagree or criticize, listen to everything being said and at least give it careful thought. You never know, there could be a “gem of truth” that could prove to be worth taking into consideration.

Sex: Your mind and heart will need to blend harmoniously with word and thought this week when communicating with the object of your affection. You may experience difficulty expressing your true feelings but it’s the effort that really counts and will be appreciated.

Power: Trusting your instincts will take you far throughout the week even though you’ll feel uncomfortable using this aspect of Self. Nonetheless, try it, you might be surprised by the results.

Money: When you go against your instincts about making money this is when things go awry and the Universal flow slows down. Therefore, stop for a moment and listen to your inner voice so it can guide you in a direction of opportunities for a continuous increase in finances.

Sex: Agree to disagree instead of “battling” to get your point across. Ultimately, unity through diversity is one of the main keys to a successful relationship.

Power: Don’t allow certain individuals to get you upset to the point that arguments are the result. Let those people vent and say what they have to say but remember you don’t have to engage in unnecessary confrontation that serves no positive purpose.

Money: You can afford to be more in the public eye with your work, hobbies and ideas and not acquiesce to always being in the background. You have a lot to offer and inherently know what the public wants, you just need confidence.

Sex: Be careful of lies, misunderstandings and misinformation throughout the week. You may feel that you’re “sensing something” but you have to come to the realization that your insights could be wrong or tainted in some way. Therefore, don’t feed into negativity first, just write your perceptions down and mull over them before bringing them to the attention of your partner.

Power: You’ll always have to decide between independence and dependence in your life. However, bear in mind that for you personally it’s in your best interests to be your own person and follow the “beat of your own drum,” so that you have more control over the direction of your life overall.

Money: Your career, goals and ambitions all have the potential to reap tremendous financial reward if you could just open and expand your mind to have a more practical updated view of things. If you continue to limit your potential and stick to what is “tried and true,” you’ll miss the chance to be the forerunner of innovative new ideas that have an impact on the public.

Sex: If you feel stuck in your relationship it’s because there is little growth or expansion of you and your partner. One of you has to take the initiative and start stimulating conversation of things that need to change, so that the relationship can go to the “next level.” Try to be less offensive and frank in your dialogue.

Power: Not everything is exactly what you see on the surface. It’s time to take off the “rose colored glasses” and deal with certain realities in and around your life that you choose to ignore.

Money: Expansion of horizons is important if you want to make more money. At the same time, there needs to be more deliberate, clear and comprehensive thinking applied to career, goals and ambitions instead of automatically thinking the negative first.

Sex: Old habits ingrained from childhood need to be relinquished in order to allow new attitudes and behaviors to uplift this area of life and not bring it down.

Power: If you take your time to figure things out with more forethought, it’ll be easier to understand Self and others.

Money: Don’t be afraid to question the true motives and intentions of others if you sense and feel something isn’t quite right. By doing this you can avoid getting the “short end of the stick.”

Sex: Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment in terms of your expectations of how you wish to be treated. Settling for less than vs. the best isn’t an option.

Power: You have a lot on your mind at the moment but need to be careful that you’re not burdened with too many thoughts, mental confusion or misinformation that leads to exaggeration of the truth. Writing things down and consistent meditation will help to give clarity and focus.

Money: You can’t be too trusting this week when it comes to money. If you feel that certain individuals are not being honest then “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” Just be careful not to ridicule Self and others when you expose their true colors and intent.

Sex: Treachery seems to run into this area of life too; therefore, you need to ask the necessary questions in order to get to the truth.

Power: Your power lies in having greater self worth to structure your life in the way that suits you best in a positive format without being a martyr.

Money: In joint financial partnerships and the home environment you may have to deal with individuals that aren’t emotionally balanced. This means certain “agreements” will have to be renegotiated or at least discussed in order to avoid emotional manipulation and jealousy.

Sex: If your feelings are no longer the same as they were when relationships began you have to be honest and forthright and not mislead your partner, as repression of feelings will eventually only lead to disaster and upsetting break-ups.

Power: It’s written in the stars that it’s time for major change to take place in just about all areas of life. However, you must be in action to make these changes happen by observing the “signs” and “messages from the Universe in and around your life.

Money: Clear communication about work and the direction you wish to move towards will help to get things moving. Anything that involves being visual is highlighted for success.

Sex: If you don’t feel worthy to have love in your life how do you expect it to manifest or be positive? These are the questions you must ask yourself and be willing to do some self-introspection.

Power: If you’re not expressing yourself in harmony with the Universe and the way it’s trying to guide you stagnation and a downward spiral will be the result. When you feel this happening stop for a moment and “go within.”

Money: The more you spend time “beautifying” yourself and your surroundings, the more you’ll feel at peace and able to accept the opportunities the Universe is trying to bring to you in order to change your foundation of life.

Sex: Make an effort to connect with the essence of your partner in order to have a greater sense of where they’re coming from and trying to convey in terms of their needs.

Power: The “winds of change” are blowing through most aspects of your life so you must be open and aware in order to connect with mind, body, spirit and Soul. This way you won’t feel so “out of sorts” when things start happening and you have to make a move.

Money: Now is the time to be more assertive with your efforts to expand into new financial territory. Consider your personal resources, gifts and talents as keys to financial success.

Sex: This is a good week to be close and intimate with your partner and being comfortable enough to share the deepest part of who you are.

Power: You’ll be filled with many alternatives answers and ideas that you’ll feel the need to express, don’t hesitate. At the same time there’ll be a need to synthesize feelings with thought in order to be understood and get your point across.

August 18th – August 24th

19 Aug

Money: Unexpected endings of certain hopes and wishes occur during the week. This should at least motivate you in the direction of new beginnings with people who at least to some degree, have your best interests at heart.

Sex: Unity through diversity is the missing link in your love life. If you can agree to disagree then things will run more smoothly.

Power: Sometimes you have to share power in order to achieve goals and ambitions. Try to be aware of this when you have to negotiate or make decisions that have a profound affect on your life.

Money: If you persist in hanging on to your current vocation for fear that change will be to your detriment, stagnation and a downward spiral will be the result. The Universe is constantly evolving and we’re supposed to evolve with it. Therefore, if you’re stuck, the Universe will “make change happen” whether you like it or not, most likely when you least expect it.

Sex: When it comes to your loved one it would be helpful to your relationship if once in a while you removed the “rose colored glasses” and dealt with the reality of the best and worst of your partner.

Power: You’re in a cycle where it’s time to free yourself from restrictions and limitations that impede your ability to have progress occur with goals and ambitions. Therefore, don’t allow the problems of others to overwhelm you, just focus on what you need to do at this time.

Money: If you’ve been working hard towards a certain goal, gathering information and support with the right people then breakthrough is assured. This week, from a positive perspective many problems could be solved at once also because of your intense persistence to overcome difficulties, the Universe is responding to your efforts accordingly. You will at least come to realize by the end of the week that you need to change direction and/or manner of expression.

Sex: As a result of going through many cathartic changes in your life your love life may seem to take a back seat. This is only temporary. There’s a need for you to move forward in a more powerful way so that you maintain a positive foundation in and around your life.

Power: You’re in a very positive and powerful cycle at this time so you cannot afford to waste time or energy on anything or anyone that is not supportive of you moving forward. As old doors close and new ones open, be prepared for progressive actions “paying off” in a big way.

Money: You may feel the need to make some drastic changes in your life in order to improve finances but you must approach these changes slowly with caution and care.

Sex: Not everyone is good at being in a long-term relationships however before you break away and experiment with new partners, tie-up loose ends in your current relationship so that closure is in harmony with Natural Law and does not cause unnecessary hurt, pain and sorrow to others that could’ve been minimized or avoided.

Power: Avoid conflict and confrontation with over-emotional individuals that are not balanced at this time and have a lot of issues to work through so compassion and understanding are important factors when dealing with others.

Money: If you feel that somehow you’re needs are not being fulfilled financially for your work and effort, then give serious consideration to making a move in a new direction. Just give it careful thought.

Sex: Existing relationships that are ongoing could be put to the “test’ this week as new involvements and interests enter your life. Even though you’ll feel the urge to express yourself in new ways with new people be careful of severing ties that are really beneficial to your growth and happiness.

Power: Contractual agreements and partnerships may have to be redefined in light of new attitudes and information. This is not a bad thing, just look at it from the viewpoint of expanding perceptions that need room to grow.

Money: In the area of work, health and day-day activities certain inventive ideas actions become pivotal in solving certain crisis and dilemmas you’ve been faced with.

Sex: Regardless of the happiness you feel and experience in your personal relationship make sure you keep your feet firmly on the ground and focused on everything going on around you.

Power: This week act quietly from behind the scenes being careful not to blurt out information that others don’t need to know about. This is a time to change your way of interacting with others learning how to sense negativity before it affects you and your life.

Money: This week, give careful consideration to the direction and ways and means you’ve applied yourself in order to earn money. Some changes have to be made where you have the courage to let your uniqueness guide you in the right direction and not be so afraid of what others may think or say.

Sex: There will be possibilities for new involvements this week, however be choosy and selective so that you avoid individuals that cannot relate to themselves let alone anyone else.

Power: However things have been going, be aware that change is on the horizon even if you can’t quite see that far. The most important thing is to “listen to the sound of the Universe” as the saying goes and let it guide you through instinct. Then you’ll see the “fruits of your labors” begin to manifest.

Money: Work needs your full attention at this time and should be your primary and main focus. Vacillation and procrastination will only delay new opportunities coming into your life. If you can let go of fear, insecurity and doubt things will get better.

Sex: You fluctuate between having self-worth and being a martyr. A healthy balance of both would make you feel more empowered to have a relationship that not only works but allows you and your partner to grow as a couple and individually.

Power: Changes in home, family and friendship environment are highlighted so don’t get too comfortable thinking that everything will stay the same indefinitely. This is a time when preparedness pays off.

Money: Your genius ideas are moneymakers if you would only just believe it to be true yourself. Writing them down would help to give you the clarity, focus and confidence you need and being empowered to let go of old ideas in favor or new ones.

Sex: Avoid forcing your opinions on to your partner. If they’re not able to understand a particular point of view, you must give them time to “digest it.’

Money: Your charisma and inventive mind “win the day” this week as you’re now ready to let go of old habits and ways of making money that are too much in your comfort zone. The stars favor experimenting with your creative visions. Confidence is the key.

Sex: Your creative energy and sexual energy need to be balanced at this time, more so leaning towards the creative because there are opportunities around that you’re not seeing or taking advantage of, that are “blessings in disguise.” Learn to have control over this power, instead of it controlling you.

Power: This week work at protecting and securing the home environment and your rights that have been an issue for some time.

Money: Intuitively you know exactly what changes you want and need to create improvement and momentum in your life. If you haven’t started working on this now is the time. Avoid acting prematurely, think things through before you act.

Sex: More communication is needed this week in your partnerships to clear up any misunderstandings that are causing problems between you.

Power: If you’re able to alter the way you interact on a daily basis to be more powerful and intuitive a lot of the problems you experience with others will no longer exist.

Money: When it comes to discussing finance, give and take are needed. It can’t be “your way or the highway.” Listen to the other person’s point of view and take this into consideration before making a decision.

Sex: New relationships will challenge old ones this week that give you “food for thought.” However, bear in mind that often the “grass is not always greener over the hill.”

Power: Opportunities emerge as old existing foundations crumble. This is a week when your instinct really is your power and will keep you from making mistakes or making the wrong decision.


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